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YUMA, AZ (ARIZONA HIGHWAYS TV) – Yuma crosses California and is the end of the road for Interstate 8 in Arizona.

“Yuma is still the intersection that takes you to one state and another,” said Yuma historian Art Everett.

When you think of Yuma, the desert dunes might first come to mind. Or maybe the territorial prison. Or maybe his rich farming community.

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“It’s in a constant state of metamorphosis,” said Everett. “It is always the pupa that is ready to become the butterfly.”

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Jan Bentley’s Colorado River Pottery is a perfect example. Everyday art can be found in Bentley’s Yuma Gallery.

Yuma - Colorado River Pottery

“I tend to be influenced by the desert. It’s hard not to be when you live in Yuma,” said Jan Bentley.

“I love that people come in and tell me they have a mug that they bought from me and they use it every day and they love it,” Bentley said. “I tend to be influenced by the desert. It’s hard not to be when you live in Yuma. Some of the colors are based on things I see when I go to work every day – the agricultural fields, the Mountains.”

Most of the work is done on the steering wheel. With equal pressure on both sides of her hands, Bentley works his way up the clay.

“And now that I’ve really got it, I like to play with it a bit and use the human touch,” she explained as she threw a piece.

After cooling and removing from the oven, the pieces are ready for sale and add a special touch to your daily life.

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Yuma’s story isn’t always an artist and wine lover’s paradise, but it is rich.

Yuma - Main Street (1935)

Everett showed us a picture of Main Street around 1935.

“Yuma was the place to be, the place to shop,” he said. “All people from the outskirts would come here on a Friday, and Saturday in particular, to buy their wares.”

“At the same time, people from California came to get married in Yuma, so Yuma was the marriage capital of the Southwest,” he continued.

Now there is all kinds of new business to breathe new life into Nain Street.

One of the many companies in Yuma is the Old Town Wine Cellar.

Yuma - Old Town Wine Cellar

“A lot of people are a little amazed at, ‘Wow, a store like this in Yuma.’ Yuma is not a one-dimensional place. “

“”[We have] many local wines, mainly from California, Oregon and Washington, but also wines from France, Italy, South America, Germany, New Zealand, Australia. We have it wherever good wine is made, “said Mike Shelhamer.

“I’ve been a dedicated amateur for many, many years. I really enjoyed wine. I obviously enjoyed drinking it, but I enjoyed learning about it. People ask me, ‘How did you get so much about Learned wine? ‘ I’ve tried a lot of different wines, “he continued with a laugh.

“This is the golden age of wine,” declared Shelhamer. “A lot of people don’t realize it, but we can drink so many different great types of wine from so many different places. Historically, people have been pretty much limited to the wine that was made near where they lived; they drank that. Now they have we amazing possibilities. “

And you can find them in Yuma, the last stop on the freeway before you get to California.

“A lot of people are a little amazed at, ‘Wow, a store like this in Yuma.’ Yuma is not a one-dimensional place, “said Shelhamer. “We have all kinds of interesting people.”

There are also some nod to Yuma’s past, like a steamboat tour.

Yuma - Steamboat Tour

There’s pretty land on Ferguson Lake, the second largest backwater lake in the region. There are hundreds of them.

A backwater is a part of a river – in this case the Colorado – where there is little or no current. The water doesn’t flow.

“As soon as we get to Lake Martinez, we turn off the engines and turn on soft music for dinner, have dinner and usually enjoy a spectacular sunset on Lake Martinez,” said the captain of the steamship.

Ever thought you could take an Arizona sunset cruise?

“Come down and check out Yuma and you’ll be surprised what you see,” said Everett.

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