YUHSD Expands Fan Attendance For Winter Athletics


Starting Monday, four guests per athlete can participate in winter sports events in the Yuma Union High School District.

The decision to add the district to the fans means that two guardians per athlete and two additional guests can personally watch the high school’s winter sports.

While the announcement is from the district, it also marks the sixth adaptation of the Arizona Interscholastic Association’s guidelines for winter sports.

Each guest must continue to wear face covering and follow additional COVID-19 guidelines.

While not everyone may be comfortable taking part in the games, YUHSD will continue to offer select games via live streaming services.

YUHSD’s sports directors continue to work with the city of Yuma and San Luis throughout the winter sports season to ensure that all guidelines set by the cities for COVID-19 mitigation measures are enforced, according to YUHSD.

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