US border officers begin releasing migrants into Yuma | Govt-and-politics


Nicholls telephoned federal and state officials and nonprofit social services for much of the week to prepare for additional arrivals.

“The problem is an increase in fears and insufficient capacity for staff and detention,” said the mayor. “I don’t think they should dump these migrants into small communities that are not set up to deal with them.”

A written statement from Customs and Border Protection said that some of its holding facilities have reached capacity since April due to an increase in border fear coupled with social distancing policies that do not allow so many people to be detained.

“After years of practice, when long-term solutions to holding are not possible, some migrants are processed for deportation, posted a notice and released to the US to await a future immigration hearing,” the statement said.

Stanford Prescott, spokesman for the International Rescue Committee in Arizona, said the nonprofit is speaking with federal officials about the need to transport migrants released in Yuma to larger cities like Phoenix, which has a center with 150 socially detached beds. He said another animal shelter in Tucson is also equipped to house migrants.

Concerns about the release of more people in Yuma have increased dramatically in recent days. Arizona politicians urge federal officials to ensure their border communities are not harmed.

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