Trump’s Arizona go to ‘provides insult to harm,’ longtime border wall opponent says


SAN DIEGO (Boundary Report) – The Center for Biodiversity has opposed President Trump’s border wall project from the start, and with 200 miles of fencing in place, the group is even more against it.

“The reality is that our state creates scars that will take generations to heal,” said Laiken Jordahl, a member of the group.

A section of the boundary wall is being built in the Arizona desert east of Yuma, AZ.
(Courtesy of Laiken Jordahl / Center for Biological Diversity)

“There is no justification for building a medieval wall through some of the most beautiful locations in Arizona.”

The Trump administration has said the wall is necessary to keep America safe and it is spending at least $ 18 billion on the project.

“The border wall does nothing to make our communities very safe. It doesn’t stop people or drug smuggling. All it does are massive scars in the landscape, ”said Jordahl.

The president plans to visit Yuma, Arizona on Tuesday to mark the completion of 200 miles of fencing along our southern border.

More than 200 miles of border fence were installed or expanded, including this section between San Diego and the city of Tijuana. (Salvador Rivera / border report)

“The government visit on Tuesday is just an insult to the injury,” said Jordahl. “All of his efforts should be used to keep communities safe, paying for hospital beds and ventilators instead of this border wall project that does nothing to protect us and actually destroy things that we should protect.”

The president is expected to land in Arizona around 11 a.m. to attend a meeting with local community leaders who deal with border security. He will then visit sections of the newly installed border wall.

Later that day he is giving a speech in Phoenix.

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