Household involved over circumstances in Yuma State Jail


YUMA, Arizona (KYMA, KECY) – The Arizona Department of Justice has currently registered 124 inmates who have tested positive for the coronavirus at Yuma State Prison since the pandemic began.

It’s a smaller percentage than what we see across Yuma County, but there are still family members of those affected.

Mia Gage’s partner is serving three times for robbery in Yuma State Prison. He was transferred from Kingman Prison and transferred to Yuma last year.

“How terrible it would be if one of our loved ones fell ill or if God forbade death. We’d never get a chance to bring her home, “Gage said.

News 11 reached out to the Corrections Department for comment.

The department stated that it conducts rigorous ongoing symptom testing at all state complexes, including temperature testing for anyone entering the facilities.

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