Ducey will get vaccine as Arizona COVID dying toll tops 16,000 | Nationwide Information


As of Monday, 1,202 COVID-19 patients were occupying inpatient beds at the Arizona Hospital, the lowest number since November 7 and lower than the pandemic high of 5,802 on January 11.

The number of infections is believed to be far higher than advertised as many people have not been tested. Studies have shown that people can become infected with the virus without feeling sick.

In another development, a Yuma County official said Monday that Arizona could open a state COVID-19 vaccination site at the Yuma Civic Center in mid-March.

The district official, Emergency Management Director, Tony Badilla, met with officials from the Department of Emergency Management and Military Affairs, as well as officials from the city police and fire department, on Friday, Yuma Sun reported.

The state now operates vaccination centers on Metro Phoenix and Tucson.

The state announced Monday that it would open vaccinations to people aged 55 and over, while also giving key frontline workers the opportunity to receive the vaccine.

The state plans to post 50,000 new vaccination dates at noon on Tuesday at the State Farm Stadium and Phoenix Municipal Stadium. Vaccines for people aged 55 and over are also available from pharmacies and state-qualified health centers that participate in federal vaccination programs.

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