CECILIA CAMACHO Obituary – (1937 – 2021) – Brawley, CA


Cecilia Camacho, 83, of Calexico, California, passed away peacefully on January 5, 2021 at El Centro Regional Hospital. Cecilia was born on November 22, 1937 in Calexico, California. She was the daughter of Alberto and Jesus Camacho. She was the fourth oldest sibling of 12 children. Cecilia was preceded in death by her parents; her sister Paula; Brothers Antonio, Manuel, Jose and Francisco. Cecilia attended school through 9th grade at Calexico High School but had to finish school to work full-time and help her parents financially support their younger siblings. Cecilia worked as an immigrant farm worker all her life until she retired in 1997. She worked all over the state, from Blythe to Salinas and everywhere in between. She even worked in parts of Arizona like Yuma and Parker. To make ends meet, Cecilia found work harvesting all kinds of agricultural crops such as lettuce, tomatoes, asparagus, and carrots, to name a few. Over time, however, Cecilia worked her way up and became her crew foreman while employed by Bruch Church Inc. in the 1960s. She was later promoted to operations manager. A task that very few women in a male-dominated industry could accomplish. She was one of the first women in this company to hold such a position, and she was also one of the first women to be licensed and allowed to drive a field work bus. Cecilia was ahead of her time, a natural leader who was valued by her employers and employees. Even years after they retired, many of them came to her home to visit her. Cecilia never married or had children of her own. The love of her life was her siblings and her children; their nieces and nephews. She was very proud of her family and was very proud of all of her accomplishments. She always made it a priority to attend her birthday parties, graduations, weddings and other special occasions. As she got older and it became more difficult for her to travel, she still called to wish everyone a happy birthday, a merry christmas or a happy new year. She always made sure to decorate her home for the various holidays and was often responsible for decorating many of her family’s special occasions. Cecilia loved hosting vacations, family birthday parties, and family reunions in her home. and was known for hosting the best parties with lots of great food, refreshments, music and entertainment. What made her happiest was seeing her family enjoy their time at home. Cecilia always made her home available to all her family and friends. Everyone was always wholeheartedly welcomed to their home at 310 Encinas Avenue. This was the house that 3 generations of the Camacho family got to know lovingly as “La 310”. For over 60 years this house was Cecilia’s pride and joy. Cecilia always made sure that the house was in perfect condition. The front and back yards were full of trees and colorful flowers, where she often spent her evenings in the garden and socialized with her neighbors. In the house, she surrounded herself with pictures of her family and decorations corresponding to the current holiday. The kitchen was full of wonderful flavors coming from their kitchen. Cecilia was known as an excellent cook and her specialties included enchiladas, chicken mole, chilirellenos, and empanadas de carne. Firmly believing that sharing was important, Cecilia would often send food to family, friends and neighbors. Cecilia’s door was always open, not only to family and friends, but also to the members of her community. Cecilia never hesitated to help others. Everyone in their neighborhood knew they could stop by and simply walk in through the sliding kitchen door, where they would be greeted with a smile, a refreshing drink, and something to eat. Cecilia even made a point of stocking a refrigerator with cold water bottles, gatorades, and sodas on her porch, and made it known to everyone in the community that they were more than welcome to come over and grab one. especially on those hot summer days. She often helped her neighbors with their records by translating them from English to Spanish, helping them plan medical appointments, or even taking them to their doctor’s visits. She never hesitated to run errands or buy groceries for those who could not physically move or did not have the means to do so. Cecilia was also known to give away food, clothing, or other items to those in need. Even in these unprecedented times when certain items were hard to come by, Cecilia never hesitated to report the cleaning and / or PPE supplies available. It was easy for Cecilia, if she could help someone else, she would be asked without questions. As much as she loved being home, Cecilia also loved going to Laughlin and Las Vegas. Plus, she never missed the opportunity to take a trip to a local casino or attend a baseball game in Padres. She was around town frequently, taking advantage of any special offers or sales that were available at some of her favorite stores such as Target, Home Depot, Lucky’s Supermarket, and Costco. However, it was the simpler things in life like gardening, cooking, socializing with family and friends that gave her the greatest joy. Some of her fondest memories were those moments she shared with loved ones who gathered around her kitchen table, talking, laughing and enjoying a delicious home cooked meal made with what she often called her “secret” ingredient, love . Cecilia loved watching movies and reruns of Bonanza and The Golden Girls by Shirley Temple. Although she led a simple life, life was not always fair to her, but no matter what life of obstacles she faced, Cecilia always found the strength to overcome it and never lost her love for life and for those with whom she shared. She is survived by her siblings Alberto, Lucio, Jesus, Armando, Pedro and Arturo Camacho; her aunt Cruz Nunez along with numerous nieces, nephews, great-nieces and nephews. The funeral services will be held at Frye Chapel and Mortuary, 799 Brawley Avenue, Brawley, CA, on Wednesday, February 17, 2021, from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Immediately thereafter, funeral services begin at 11 a.m. in Evergreen Cemetery, 201 E. Gillett Street, El Centro.

Published in Imperial Valley Press Online on February 14, 2021.

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