Biden Supporters Be a part of Caravan From Somerton To San Luis


Thirty days before election day, a group of Joe Biden supporters held a caravan in southern Yuma County on Sunday. This was perhaps the first in-person event to support him locally since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Biden For President Caravan from Somerton to San Luis.

About two dozen adults and children, wearing masks for the Ridin ‘With Biden trailer, jumped into their cars.

They gathered at the 85350 sports bar in Somerton and drove down Highway 95 to San Luis. They honked their horns with Biden signs on their cars.

Medea Ponce from Yuma was in the caravan and said she “joined to support Joe Biden. Get Trump out of office … (the message is) out and vote. It’s so important that we change in this country and it’s not going to happen if people don’t come out and do it. “

Members of the Yuma County Indivisible and Mission For Arizona groups participated in the caravan. YCI representative Liz Haskell said it was time to remind Yuma County’s voters to vote up and down for Democrats. Haskell says Yuma County is at play for Democrats.

“I think people see what it really is like. They know what has happened to our economy with the total mistreatment of the COVID crisis,” she said. “You see more people wearing masks these days because they find they took the wrong advice of the president.”

Two KAWC listeners said that larger caravans were kept on site by Trump supporters. Over the past week, Biden / Harris signs have popped up in Yuma County in addition to signs for Trump and other state and local candidates and actions.

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